SENSE Conferences and PDDs

SENSE organizes conferences every two years and professional development days in alternate years.

The 2015 conference was held in Utrecht on 14 November 2015. It consisted of two plenary sessions, two elective sessions (with ten topics to choose from), a panel discussion, and lots of networking opportunities.

The 2018 conference was held in ’s Hertogenbosch on 9-10 June 2018. It featured two plenary sessions and five elective sessions (with 25 topics to choose from).

The 2020 conference was originally planned for Maastricht, but due to lockdown and the coronavirus it was moved online and took place over three days on 3-5 June 2020.  Attendees were treated to 15 separate workshops, as well as ample networking opportunities.  An additional 7 workshops were offered as an autumn jubilee during the same year.

The professional development days (PDD) are mini-conferences aimed primaily at SENSE members themselves.  The 2019 PDD was a one-day event in Amersfoort on 21 September 2019. It consisted of two plenary sessions and four elective sessions (with eight topics to choose from).

The 2021 PDD will be a two-day event online, on 18 and 25 September 2021.  It features two plenary sessions, three panel discussions, six elective sessions available on both days and 9 additional sessions to choose from, not to mention networking opportunities during specific times on Zoom and all day long on Wonder.