2015 Jubilee Conference (14 November 2015)


The 2015 Jubilee Conference was a one-day event in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Participants came from the fields of editing, translating, interpreting, copywriting and teaching English language communication skills.  A dozen or so top speakers, from inside and outside SENSE, held presentations and discussions during the conference. Participants were able to debate on the changing state of the language, learn from best practices and brush up on the skills needed to be a successful language professional.

To commemorate the event, a special issue of the house magazine was issued (download it here).


The conference was held in the city of Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, which is the beating heart of the country and at the hub of the rail network.  It’s a vital city, with a large student population: its university (founded in 1636) is the largest in the Netherlands. The medieval city centre is small enough to explore on foot and large enough to boast a wealth of culture and history, including world-class festivals, modern architecture, trendy shops and interesting museums. The inner city canals are unique: they are accessible by steps from the street and their wharves are now used as terraces by the many cellar bars and restaurants.

The event took place in the Paushuize, a memorable historical venue in the heart of one of the Netherland’s most picturesque cities.  Situated on Kromme Nieuwegracht 49, just behind Utrecht’s landmark Dom tower and about 15 minutes’ walk from Utrecht Central Station, Paushuize is one of the oldest and most outstanding monuments in the city of Utrecht, with a remarkable history. It is so named because it was built in 1517 by Paus (Pope) Adrian VI, the only Dutch pope from the Netherlands. A variety of beautifully restored period rooms and splendidly decorated salons, makes the building one of the most sought-after venues in the Netherlands.


Click here for a table showing the programme.


There were 15 presentations: