The freedom of freelancing: deciding on a digital nomad journey – Maaike Leenders

Ever dreamt of just leaving it all behind, packing a bag and simply working wherever you want to? I did. And I did. After working in-house and on the road, my three years as a freelancer have taught me there are pros and cons to both. Based on my personal experience, I will talk about what to consider when you are thinking of trying a digital nomad lifestyle. Is it possible to travel and build a business at the same time? How much freedom does it really offer? And do you actually need to upend your whole life to do it?

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About the presenter

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Maaike Leenders is a translator and project manager with a travel bug that can’t be cured. After working in-house for nearly five years, she exchanged the office for the open road and has taken every opportunity to digital nomad her way through freelance life ever since.