Positive strategies to combat imposter syndrome – John Linnegar, Naomi Gilchrist, Betsy Hedberg (panel discussion)

We’ve all experienced that sneaking voice in the back of our heads telling us that we’re not good enough – even though we know that we’re trained, experienced, or at least competent and reasonable! What are some good ways to combat that internal nay-sayer? John Linnegar, Betsy Hedberg, and Naomi Gilchrist will give tips and insights into positive strategies to rise above imposter syndrome.

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About the presenters

 John Linnegar

John Linnegar began his career as a teacher of English, History and Mathematics. His passion for working with words was ignited by his high school teachers of English, Latin and German. Those strong grammatical foundations combined with a love of his mother tongue led him towards authorship and, as a direct result, towards improving authors’ texts for publication. He has been an avid ‘improver of authors’ words’ for four decades now, and remains dedicated to making their texts read as clearly as possible (and in the process saving a reputation or two!).

John is author of several texts dealing with matters grammatical and stylistic, including contributions to the Oxford English grammar: The advanced guide (OUP, 2015) and, most recently, with Ken McGillivray, grammar, punctuation and all that jazz . . . (MLA Publishers, 2019). He currently offers a personalised ‘online’ Grammar for Editors course aimed at those who need to brush up their English grammar and an online training course on Plain Language.


 Naomi Gilchrist

Naomi Gilchrist worked in various administrative roles (such as Executive Assistant and Training Coordinator) for over twenty years. When she decided that it was high time for a career change, she returned to study. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Translation, Naomi became a freelance translator in March 2021. Her language combination is English to Dutch and she specialises in Entertainment & Popular Culture. She joined SENSE in 2020. Naomi lives in Almere with her (Irish) husband and two children, who they are raising to be bicultural and bilingual. Their beagle Arnie completes the family.


 Betsy Hedberg

Betsy Hedberg is a writer, editor, and learning designer who once worked as a counselor. Like many of her former counseling clients, she periodically suffers severe bouts of impostor syndrome. She's also learned some tools and insights to overcome, or at least ease, this affliction.