Write to reconnect

The act of writing requires us to make all kinds of connections. We need to connect ideas and thoughts to words and sentences. We need to connect our hands and senses to paper and pens, keyboards, screens and mice (mouses? both sound silly!). At this time of global disconnection, this workshop will empower you with some simple ways to reconnect. By diversifying your relationships to both people and things, not only will you energise your writing, but you will also energize yourself and the people around you.

Requirement: please bring to the workshop something to write with, as well as something from nature that you have found and selected yourself. Examples: a pebble, a twig, a leaf, a seashell (and as much as ‘living things’ would be welcome, unfortunately the workshop venue has a strict ‘No trumpeting elephants or squawking parrots’ policy).

Time: 9:45–11:00
Room: 1

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About the presenter

Matthew Curlewis

Since growing up in Australia, Matthew Curlewis has worked as a performer-designer-writer on four continents. As a trained workshop leader in the Amherst Writers & Artists methodology, he is the founder and director of Amsterdam Writers. Since 2008, this workshop series has welcomed international writers into workshops like Storytelling for Academics and Writers’ Stretch & Tone. Matthew’s essays and short fiction can be found in publications including The Guardian, Blume Illustrated and Wordpeace, and his Dutch-British-Polish co-production short film Brilliance can be viewed here. A video was made of Matthew’s poem Alter the Frequency, recently published by Blue Pepper, here.

Website: amsterdamwriters.com
LinkedIn: matthewcurlewis