Game localization

Get ready for a fun presentation on game localization! We’ll explore the art of translating for video games and mobile apps, sharing personal experiences and captivating stories. Discover the distinct challenges and differences that set video game localization apart from other forms of translation work. By the end, you’ll know whether video game translation is your calling. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to uncover the secrets of game localization!

Time: 14:30–15:00
Room: 1

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About the presenter

Melchior Philips

Melchior Philips is an experienced game localization specialist with a passion for delivering top-quality translations in entertainment. With five years of expertise in the field, Melchior has worked with industry leaders, including renowned console and mobile game developers. Beyond the realm of gaming, Melchior also lends his expertise to subtitling documentaries, further showcasing his commitment to working with creatives in delivering exceptional localization solutions.

LinkedIn: melchiorphilips