Utrecht SIG ‒ Microcopy: snippets of text have a huge impact

Utrecht SIG ‒ Microcopy: snippets of text have a huge impact

From 22 November 2023 19:30 CET until 22 November 2023 21:30 CET

At Zoom online meeting

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Snippets of text have a huge impact.

Microcopy refers to the tidbits of copy on websites and apps that guide, reassure, and engage users.

These include buttons, calls to action, 404 pages, success and error messages.

But why should we care about microcopy as transcreators, copywriters, and marketing translators?

After all, those little words and phrases can’t be that difficult to write or translate, can they? Well, yes, they can!

Those little words and phrases allow a brand’s personality to shine through and persuade people to take the action they want. Still, they can also become confusing or even misleading when ineffective. In other words, microcopy can make or break the digital experience. That’s why it’s essential to get it right and why simple translation usually isn’t enough.

In this talk, we’ll go through examples of good, human-centred microcopy and the mistakes to avoid if we want to encourage action, build trust, and foster relationships.

About the speaker
Elina I. Nocera is a bilingual Italian-English marketing translator and web copywriter with 15 years of experience, including 11 as a freelancer.
Elina helps brands and creative service-based businesses connect with their international audience through compelling copy and a natural tone of voice.
She is a member of IAPTI, MET, and the Italian Copywriters’ Association (Associazione Italiana Copy).
Elina is based in Umbria, Central Italy. When she’s not glued to a computer screen, she’s probably travelling, participating in a local theatre lab, enjoying a body combat workout, or watching tennis or the latest season of her favourite TV shows.