SENSE 2018 Conference Programme

LegendEd = editingTr = translationWri = copywritingEng = EnglishGen= generalTED = TED-style talk

Friday 8 June, 14:00–17:30


Golden Tulip Hotel Central, ’s-Hertogenbosch



Off-Conference activity: Friday morning sightseeing (optional)


Emma Goldsmith

Margreet de Roo

Stephen Johnston

John Linnegar


EU regulatory medical writing and EMA templates: compliance and consistency

Making the best, most optimal use of MS Word (including macros and PerfectIt)

The impossible blog: How to write a readable blog from unreadable material

‘It requires only a “light” edit’: Negotiating the differences between light, medium and heavy editing








Dinner in small groups (4–6) with fellow conference delegates at local restaurants (optional)


* Registration and fees for workshops are separate from the conference. Conference delegates will receive a discount voucher for the workshops shortly after payment for the conference has been received. The workshops are open to all; attending the conference is not a prerequisite.


Saturday 9 June, 12:00–18:45

Conference sessions

Golden Tulip Hotel Central, ’s-Hertogenbosch



Saturday morning sightseeing (optional)









Welcome and plenary speaker – Jeremy Gardner EU English: Past, present and conditional




Society news – Kenneth Quek, Introducing NEaT



Presentation sessions 1 14:50–15:50

A Tr Iris Schrijver Translation quality (assessment): Insights from Translation Studies in the quest for the holy grail?

B Ed/Wri 14:50–15:20 Charles Frink Disrupting the inheritance of poor writing habits: An alternative approach to editing and teaching writing (in the health-related sciences)

C Gen 14:50–15:20 Ellen Singer Linguist and laymen (Or: Fit for purpose)


B Ed/Wri 15:25–15:55 Valerie Matarese Bad textual mentors: How awkwardly written research articles complicate the work of an authors’ editor

C Gen 15:25–15:55 Martine Croll Scribe or Shrink? Improving client relationships and winning more clients the easy way - by getting into their heads!


Presentation sessions 2 16:00–16:30

A Eng/Wri Jeannette Brickner Minimising non-nativisms in your English-language writing

B Eng Lloyd Bingham Dealing with Dunglish – and other source-language interference

D Ed Susannah Goss & Ailish Maher Editing documents produced in LaTeX (laptops recommended; session continues after tea)



Tea break


Presentation sessions 3 17:15–18:30

A Tr/Ed Moderated panel discussion Anne Murray, Marije de Jager, Emma Goldsmith (Valerie Matarese: moderator) Invasive species: Language versus subject specialists in biomedical editing and translation

B Ed 17:15–17:50 Nigel Harwood What do proofreaders do to a poorly written Master’s essay? Differing interventions, disturbing findings

C Eng 17:15–17:50 Nigel Saych ‘Divided by a common language’: Cultural, topical and geographical Englishes

D Ed 17:15–17:50 Susannah Goss & Ailish Maher Editing documents produced in LaTeX


B Ed/Wri 18:00-18:30 Carol Norris Developing a modern, journal-acceptable manuscript style

C TED/Gen 18:00–18:15 Martine Croll Making ideas happen! Using the power within to tackle the things that are scary and just ‘do it’.

C TED/Gen 18:15–18:30 Siobhan Wall Where are the black translators in this multicultural city (Amsterdam)?

D Eng/Ed 18:00–18:30 Kenneth Quek Chinglish as she is writ: On the uses and abuses of English by native Chinese speakers






Conference dinner


† Following Harwood et al (2009: 166) in adopting an intentionally broad definition of proofreading: ‘third-party interventions (entailing written alteration) on assessed work in progress’, since Harwood et al’s studies show that some UK proofreaders of student writing exceed the narrower remit (eg by commenting on argumentation).


Sunday 10 June, 09:30–13:15

Conference sessions

Golden Tulip Hotel Central, ’s-Hertogenbosch



Buffet breakfast in the hotel


Presentation sessions 4 09:30–10:30

A Eng Tom Johnston Mid-Atlantic English: Which mid-Atlantic English?

B Tr Tony Parr & Marcel Lemmens Identifying and rectifying translatorese (workshop-style)

C Ed 09:30-10:00 Jackie Senior International science needs English editors


C Ed 10:00-10:30 Joy Burrough Editing English-language doctoral theses in the Netherlands: Are the SENSE Guidelines useful?



Tea break


Presentation sessions 5 11:20–12:00

A Eng/Wri John Linnegar Garnering those English usage and style gremlins: Revealing the contemporary even-handedness of GMEU

B Eng/Wri/Ed Maria Sherwood-Smith Outreach and research communication in English: Opportunities for language professionals

C Ed Jackie Senior, Joy Burrough, Carol Norris, Nigel Harwood Panel discussion: Putting the Dutch practice on editing texts for doctoral theses/dissertations into an international context



Plenary speaker and closure – Sarah Griffin-Mason Trends in translating and interpreting to 2050




Traditional Brabant ‘koffietafel’ lunch in the hotel (optional)



Sunday afternoon sightseeing (optional)


Please note that programme elements may be subject to change.