pdf eSense 25th Jubilee Souvenir – 14 November 2015

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eSense_25th Jubilee Souvenir_2015.pdf

eSense 25th Jubilee Souvenir – 14 November 2015

The very first SENSE Conference, held in celebration of our 25th Jubilee, took place at the historic Paushuize in Utrecht on 14 November 2015.

This special issue contains three photo albums of the successful event.

Scattered between the photos are our members’ impressions of the day, collected from our group on Facebook and the forum.

There are two accounts of what it was like to be there, and to round things off, we chronicle SENSE’s important ‘firsts’ as a Netherlands-based Anglophone society for language professionals.

pdf eSense, Issue 37, April-June 2015

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  • From the editor’s desk
  • Notes from the EC: Muffins in Mijdrecht
  • Jubilee special: Geoffrey Pullum on the myth that passives are wordy
  • Jubilee special: Mark Forsyth answers six questions...
  • Jubilee special: Venue fit for a pope
  • Jubilee special: In the office with Nigel Saych
  • Tales from the trenches: The times they are a-changin’*
  • AGM review: Old books and new impressions
  • SENSE survey: a peek at what’s ahead
  • The AGM caricature collection
  • Meet two new EC members: Jenny Zonneveld & Ragini Werner
  • Tech corner: PerfectIt, an Editing Tool for Pros
  • Out of office: Ann Scholten-Sampson
  • Thoughts on our forum
  • Hi Society

pdf eSense, Issue 38, July-September 2015

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First eSense to be posted on public eSense page.

  • Editorial
  • From the EC
  • Cover Story, Part I - Onwards & upwards with UniSIG
  • Cover Story, Part II - Embracing English
  • Six questions on organizing a conference
  • Tech corner - Making sense of the unimaginable
  • Are forum posts contagious?
  • Language professionals and the Nationaal Vertaalcongres 2015
  • Tales from the trenches - From artist to editor
  • Guest blog - Editing on a tropical vacation
  • Out of office - Lizzie Kean
  • That witch!
  • The SENSE collection - Peeves & pleasures
  • Hi Society

pdf eSense, Issue 39, October-December 2015

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  • Welcome
  • Brave new word
  • From the EC: Guess what's coming soon!
  • Cover Story, Part I - Around the world ...
  • Cover Story, Part II ... of language conferences
  • Panel Discussion - Gatekeepers of the language
  • On using language corpus data to guide usage
  • The SENSE Collection - Meeting the presenters
  • Six questions on social media for Susan Aretz
  • SENSE Survey - Ready, set, action!
  • Tech Corner - Please remember me!
  • Review - The ultimate handbook on editing
  • Tales from the Trenches – Two for translation
  • Top Tips - On yer bike for editors’ insights
  • Showcase: Photographs by Henry Jansen
  • Out of Office - Rowing with Paulien Copper
  • Hi Society

pdf eSense, Issue 40, January-March 2016

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eSense 40_2016.pdf

  • Editorial: Lucid in the sky with diamonds
  • From the EC: A year of change ahead
  • Cover Story: Building your business
  • Poster Parade: My career, your career
  • Six Questions on writing for Piers Alder
  • Nick Cohen: Is there a right way to write?
  • Book Review: Unputdownable etymology
  • Tech Corner: Five tips for PerfectIt
  • Out of Office: Claire Jordan
  • Hi Society

pdf eSense, Issue 41, April-June 2016

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eSense 41_2016_pdf edition.pdf

  • From the Editor: Freelance booty
  • Bulletin Board
  • Cover Story: Volunteering for SENSE
  • Volunteer Appreciation Day — A word of thanks
  • Best Practice: How to quote for jobs — Part 1
  • Tools of the Trade: Your editorial armoury
  • Book Review: Dissing the pundits & pedants
  • Six Questions: Three new EC members
  • Out of Office: Writer & volunteer, Bev Jackson
  • Guest Blog: Pickings from The Ex-Pat Files
  • Hi Society

pdf eSense, Issue 42, July-September 2016

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eSense 42_2016_Public edition.pdf

  • From the editor: Life in the fast lane of the language professional
  • EC bulletin
  • Cover story: Something for starters and seasoned professionals alike
  • Six questions: Sharing the basics of marketing
  • Best practice : How to quote for jobs, Part 2
  • Publications:
  • English usage: Applying adjectives with aplomb
  • Tech corner: Making life easier on the road
  • Out of office: Intuitive optimizer, Jessie Cat Kelley
  • Guest blog: Not English, not Dutch, but a language apart
  • Hi Society

pdf eSense, Issue 43, October-December 2016

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eSense 43_Oct-Dec 2016.pdf

  • Bigly collective effort
  • Breaking news
  • COVER STORY – The Conference Collection
  • Negotiating boundaries at the editorial-academic interface
  • Sensible marketing tips for introverts
  • How to quote for jobs - Part 3
  • Mythbusting financial translation
  • How English became English
  • See Molly Run
  • Hi Society

pdf eSense, Issue 44, January-March 2017

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eSense 44_January-March 2017.pdf

  • Editorial : What are words worth?
  • Cover story: The power of words
  • Reportage: Disability insurance for ZZP-ers
  • Tech corner: Fewer words, more graphics
  • Best practice: Translating the Great War: 1
  • Book review : Of words and itchy pencils
  • Letter to eSense : The last word
  • Profile : Out of Afrikaans
  • Guest blog: I could have danced a lot
  • News & views : Hi Society
  • From the EC: So long, farewell, adieu…


pdf eSense, Issue 45, April-June 2017

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eSense 45_April-June 2017.pdf

  • Editorial: Ragini Werner on The serious business of having fun
  • EC bulletin: Discovering Daphne Lees, Liz van Gerrevink and Paul Baker
  • Cover story: UPWARDS & OUTWARDS – Anne Murrary (MET), Sarah Griffin-Mason (ITI) & Jenny Zonneveld (SENSE) on reaching out to sister societies
  • Roving reports: Freelancers unite! Sally Hill on the benefits of joining the Platform Zelfstandige Ondernemers.
  • Business enlightenment or snake oil? Marianne Orchard investigates LinkedIn
  • Best practice: David McKay on Translating the Great War, Part II
  • SIG event: Joy Burrough and Camilla Maltas on 50 shades of plagiarism
  • Tech tip: Claire Bacon shares her experience with UNPAYWALL – A new browser extension for free access to paywalled articles
  • Book review: Helene Reid on In praise of profanity and Scorn
  • Profile: Anne Hodgkinson talks to Vanessa Goad about finding creative meaning
  • Guest blog: THE ROGUE LINGUIST – Alison Edwards-Lange on how to be a monolingual Anglosplaining jerk
  • Mentoring: Ruth E. Thaler-Carter on the basics of being a professional editor
  • Word rap: a NEW column on English idioms and expressions – Anne Paris on ‘It’s raining cats and dogs’
  • Hi Society:


pdf eSense, Issue 46, July-September 2017

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eSense 46_July-September 2017.pdf

  • Editorial: How to make a how-to issue – Ragini Werner
  • Cover story: How to do mentoring in SENSE – Sally Hill
  • Best practice: How to pursue plagiarism – Marije de Jager (MET), Joy Burrough-Boenisch and Jackie Senior
  • SENSE event: How to put on a SENSE event – Marianne Orchard
  • Robert Coupe on Professional Development Day
  • Guest blog: How to do active marketing – Louise Harnby (SfEP)
  • Executive bulletin: How to update the SENSE website – Jenny Zonneveld
  • Workshop review: How to edit non-native English – Theresa Truax-Gischler
  • Book review: How to become a productive writer – Helene Reid
  • Profile: How to be a mentor/mentee – Anne Hodgkinson
  • Vox pop I: How to work at home – Diane Schaap et al
  • Word rap: How to talk twaddle – Anne Paris
  • Vox pop II: How to beat the dry spells – Inigar Renrew et al
  • Hi Society: SENSE’s first sponsorship effort, Taking the pith in advertising, See you in court, See you at the Social Media SIG, Talking of technical trickery, Farewell to Barbara Mooyaart-Doubleday, The early-bird alert