Conference workshops

Conference workshops

The SENSE 2020 Conference offers a solid programme of conference workshops. A prime opportunity to sink your teeth into some hardcore CPD during May and June.

You have seven workshops to choose from, covering a wide range of fields: from writing, editing and training, to technology, productivity and business. All workshops last 3½ hours and will be held on line, either 10:00 to 13:30 and from 13:30 to 17:00.

So, join us online in May and June for workshop or two to hone your writing or editing skills, get into the nitty-gritty of terms and conditions for your business, boost your proficiency in Microsoft Word, turn your workstation into a mobile office, and even develop a training plan.

Paul Beverley starts the series with Macros for writers, editors and translators. During the webinar, Paul will provide you with a whole range of macros to use in your work and will also give you a chance to try them out while he’s on hand to help you if you have queries.

‘Troublesome Terp’ and senior European Union staff interpreter Alexander Dreschel will seek to make a technophile out of you in An iPad workout for language professionals. Find out how your tablet computer can help you work productively and run your business on the move – whether it’s editing a text for a colleague or sending an invoice to a client.

Former chair of SENSE Jenny Zonneveld will be running her tried-and-tested Word skills for translators workshop, where you can delve into the advanced features of this tool that editors and translators could simply not do without. Why not discover how it can improve your productivity and how you can use certain features to improve the documents you deliver? Your clients will love you for it.

Something that language entrepreneurs may forget is that, since we are running a business, we need to have certain legal protections in place. Lawyer-linguist Sue Leschen will join us to present Terms and conditions for freelancers. Sue’s session will take delegates through drafting their own T&Cs and negotiating with clients, putting them in a stronger commercial position.

Word nerds might find themselves drawn to copy-editor John Linnegar’s workshop Getting to grips with connectors in English texts, which will examine the lexical items that editors and translators into English can employ to craft a seamless link between sentences and between their components. By working on texts that could do with improvement, delegates will look at ways of making them flow more smoothly.

Ann Bless will be bringing her interactive workshop on Ever thought of running a course on scientific writing? to Limburg. Drawing on her three decades of experience in running such courses, Ann will reveal her tactics for concocting a training plan to impart scientific writing skills for academia. These courses help researchers and PhD students ensure their article or thesis structure is in shipshape order.

Researcher and editor Jennifer de Beyer will run Using reporting guidelines for biomedical research, aiding delegates in understanding what reporting guidelines are and how to use them. By the end of this session, you will be able to identify a manuscript’s study design, recommend an appropriate reporting guideline, and highlight missing information to guide the author.

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