Southern SIG presentation: How to be a specialised generalist

From 31 March 2022 19:00 CEST until 31 March 2022 20:00 CEST
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How to be a specialised generalist

Many language professionals will either argue in favour of diversifying your services or urge you to specialise in a specific niche. Few people actually talk about combining the two strategies, specialising in a few areas of expertise. Jasper Pauwels translates both legal documents and marketing copy, which is an unusual combination that occasionally raises eyebrows. During his presentation, Jasper will explain how he diversified into these quite different fields and why it works for him. Moving on to a more general perspective, we will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of diversification, specialisation or indeed choosing the middle ground.

This presentation is the revised and updated version of the presentation held during the Professional Development Day in September 2021. It will take approximately half an hour, followed by time for questions and sharing thoughts.