Starters SIG – Specialisation: yay or nay?

From 29 February 2024 19:30 CET until 29 February 2024 21:30 CET
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Specialisation: yay or nay?

You get why having a niche is a good thing. Well … at least you do in theory.

But outside in the real world, you’re having a hard time choosing. You like all your work. You enjoy the diversity of it. And you don’t want to miss out on any clients.

So why specialise? And if so, how?

Business coach Miranda Apeldoorn from ZinVol doesn’t speak of specialisation, but rather of focus. And she doesn’t regard it as some level you need to achieve, from which point on you have to stay there forever and ever. She sees focus as a scale on which you can move. And movement means: freedom!

Having a focus does give you direction, so you can work towards growing your business. Your focus shouldn’t pinch anywhere: it should feel as comfy as your favourite sweatpants.


About Miranda Apeldoorn

Miranda has been working freelance since 2000. The first few years, she worked as a journalist. 

She discovered pretty quickly how hard she needed to work for her money, if she kept writing everything for everyone. So, she specialised in one subject: the labour market. Then more interesting jobs started flowing in. And they paid better too.

 In 2007 she studied coaching for 2 years and became a business coach.

Her motto: no guru stuff. Which, among other things, means: no one-size-fits-all. There’s enough copycats out there. She will give you suggestions on how to run your business, and you turn those suggestions into something that is very much you. That way, your approach fits you.


She’ll explain it all on Thursday, 29 February at 19.30.