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Topic: Hands-on Literary Translation

Workshop: SENSE Starters' Day

Presenters: Experienced SENSE members

Date: Saturday 2 October

update This event is FULL


SENSE is proud to present something new this autumn — the SENSE Starters’ Day. The event will provide crucial information to those just starting out in the language business, answering the questions you all have in common. How do I get started? How do I say ‘No’ to a client without losing work? How do I provide quality under ridiculous deadlines? The goal? To foster effective and professional communication between those who provide English language services and their customers. And to help you succeed as a language professional.


Although technically called Starter’s Day, the event is open to all. Those of you who are more experienced will find it a great way to network and/or find new talent. And we bet you will even learn a thing or two yourself!