ITI: The complete English syntax playbook for translators

From 08 August 2023 14:30 CEST until 08 August 2023 17:30 CEST
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Online workshop: The complete English syntax playbook for translators

On 8 August and 15 August the Institute of Translation and Interpreting is organizing two online workshops called 'The complete English syntax playbook for translators'.

Explore the subtleties of syntax to help improve your writing and translation.

The word “syntax” often brings to mind complicated grammatical terminology and dusty old textbooks - yet knowing what to put where in a sentence is an essential skill, especially when source-language interference can easily make us forget the natural flow and wording of the English language.

Instead of teaching syntax from a classical grammatical perspective or having participants translate from any one particular language into English, this short course presents real-world texts to improve and then helps tease out the general rule of thumb we would do well to keep in mind.

From coupling and emphasis to rounding and balance, we will go over incredibly valuable yet surprisingly little-known tactics we can apply when writing and translating in order to consistently achieve poise and win over our clients and readers.

You will come away from the course with a complete playbook that will give you greater self-confidence, take a lot of the guesswork out of your translations, enable you to work faster, and enjoy the “sport” of translation like never before.

You can find out more about this workshop on the ITI website.


ITI members: £120 + VAT

Non-members: £179 + VAT