Tech SIG: Let's talk about ChatGPT

From 20 April 2023 12:00 CEST until 20 April 2023 13:30 CEST
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It's been the talk of the town since ChatGPT made its way into our lives towards the end of 2022. Some think it's good for a laugh, but others are finding ways to put generative AI to good use. But the question many of us are asking is: How will this affect our work as language professionals?chat gpt

Many considered machine translation a threat when it first emerged, but now we know how to use it to our advantage. Currently, generative AI engines such as ChatGPT are far from perfect, but are getting better all the time. As language professionals, we shouldn’t dismiss this new tool; rather, we need to know its capabilities and how we can put it to good use.

In this lunchtime Tech SIG meeting, let's pool our thoughts and current findings on how to use this new tool to our advantage.

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Jenny Zonneveld
Tech SIG co-convener