29 September 2012: SENSE Ed SIG meeting: Mike Hannay and Markin demonstration

Topic: Giving students feedback: Register NOW!

Date: Saturday, 29 September

Time: 1:30 to 5pm, doors open at 1pm

Location: 7th floor conference room, Park Plaza Hotel, Utrecht 

Contact: Iris Maher


The topic for the next meeting of the SENSE Ed SIG is: Providing students with feedback on written work. Mike Hannay will chair this meeting and will demonstrate Markin, a software program for marking students’ writing assignments. From here, we’ll expand the discussion to address our concerns about marking students’ work and ways to provide feedback efficiently and effectively in a variety of teaching situations.


Please register by sending an email to Iris Maher, iris.maher@gmail.com by Tuesday, 25 September.  


All SENSE members with an interest in education are invited to attend.


The attendance fee is €6.50 (exact change greatly appreciated; charge for non-members €10) and includes unlimited coffee/tea.