25 June Copywriting SIG

Making Bad Briefings Better


Venue: Park Plaza Hotel , Utrecht (next to the train station)

Time: 19.00 - 21.00

Those of us who write copy know that the quality of the text we deliver is often tied directly to the quality of the briefing we receive. These briefings can run the gamut from one unhelpful sentence – ‘Write something about chemical additives…and make it sound organic and sexy’ to entire booklets with detailed instructions and specific demands.

So how do we as copywriters make sure we get the briefing that we need to do an excellent job?

That will be the focus of the upcoming Copywriting SIG. In a workshop setting, we’ll brainstorm issues such as:

  •  What do you consider to be a good briefing?
  • What do you consider to be a bad briefing?
  • What questions do we need to ask to make bad briefings better?  
  • What do we do if the briefing remains bad…?

Join us on June 25 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Utrecht for what promises to be a lively and engaging evening. We encourage you to bring along examples of both good and bad briefings – we can use these real-world examples to bring the topic to life!

The attendance fee is €6.50 (exact change greatly appreciated; charge for non-members €10); includes coffee/tea.

If you intend to join us, please send a mail to   programme-secretary@sense-online.eu 

Stephen Johnston and Martine Croll

Copywriting SIG convenors