31 January 2015: Workshop ‘Career Hero’

Presenter: Stephen Johnston

Date: Saturday 31 January 2015
Time: 09.30 – 17.30
Location: Park Plaza Hotel, Utrecht

Cost: €80 for members; €100 for non-members. Cost includes buffet lunch, coffee/tea, and drinks afterwards in the lobby.

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Career Hero: Positive, real-world steps towards the career you want

Are you overdue for a change?

  • Do you want to switch between editing/translating/copywriting?
  • Do you want to move into training, consulting, or another new niche or specialization?
  • Do you work for a company but want to move into freelancing?
  • Do you freelance but want to work for a company?
  • Do you feel like you are doing something that isn’t making the best use of your skills and talents?

It’s no secret that millions of people stay in work situations they don’t like. Some feel paralyzed by fear. Some think they aren’t good enough to get what they really want. Others see themselves blocked by outside forces, or make a few attempts to change, but then give up.

In stories, these are all challenges that Heroes deal with. They start out afraid, feeling unworthy and lost. But they overcome their fear and take action. That is what this workshop is about – helping you take action. Positive, real-world steps towards achieving a meaningful career.

This intense, active workshop uses Joseph Campbell’s concept of the Hero’s Journey: the Ordinary World, the Refusal of the Call, Crossing the Threshold, Mentors, Tests, Allies, and the Return with the Prize. Participants examine their own working lives from the viewpoint of these psychologically profound stages to take immediate action for change.

Career Hero will help you:

  • Start the journey towards a new career as you describe were you are now, identify what is blocking you, and take the first steps forward.
  • Move forward as you define who can help you, identify major challenges, and prepare for key moments.
  • Refuse to give up as you acknowledge that there will be bumps along the way, overcome the last hurdles, and maintain forward momentum.

SENSE is offering a test-drive of this new complete communications workshop at cost. The full-day Career Hero workshop includes coffee and tea breaks, a delicious lunch buffet and a drink afterwards in the foyer.

About Stephen Johnston


Stephen Johnston (M.A. Psychology) studied at McGill University in Canada before moving to the Netherlands, where he has been delivering training courses in global business environments since the 1990s. His skills in helping others communicate with clarity and impact has been a major driver in his workshops across Europe and the Middle East. Read more about Stephen at his company website: complete communications