11 September 2015: Workshop 'PerfectIt: from Zero to Hero'

Presenter: Daniel Heuman

Date: Friday 11 September 2015
Time: 13.00-17.00
Location: Park Plaza Hotel, Utrecht

Main workshop: €35 for members; €45 for non-members.
Main workshop + super-advanced session: €45 for members; €55 for non-members.

Members can register for ONLY the Main worskhop here
Members can register for BOTH sessions here

Non-members can register for ONLY the Main worskhop here
Non-members can register for BOTH sessions here

Attendance list (visible only to SENSE members)

PE points: The rules for PE points changed, so SENSE can no longer apply for PE points on behalf of its members. We will still hand out certificates and provide signed attendance lists, and make a dossier available with all the information you need to apply for them yourself.
If you have any further questions, please contact Maartje Gorte.

PerfectIt: From Zero to Hero with Daniel Heuman

PerfectIt checks for difficult-to-locate errors that even eagle-eyed editors can find difficult to spot. More than a thousand professional editors around the world use PerfectIt to improve consistency, ensure quality and help deliver error-free documents.

This half-day workshop is the perfect opportunity chance to learn about PerfectIt from its developer, Daniel Heuman. Daniel lives in New York, so this is a rare chance to find out about PerfectIt from its creator.
Anyone can take part in the main workshop. The workshop will include an orientation for complete beginners, hands-on training, and lots of new material for advanced users. Bringing a laptop is preferred but not necessary.

Pre-workshop installation help

Installation takes two minutes, so if you haven’t already got PerfectIt, then load it onto your laptop before you come. You need a Windows computer with MS Word installed. There’s a 30-day free trial (a fully functioning version with no personal info required), so you can install it now from www.intelligentediting.com. If you have any trouble with the installation, or just want someone on hand when you do it, then come along a little early (with your computer) and Daniel will be there to get you started.

Main workshop (13:00 - 16:00)

Anyone can join the main workshop, which tackles two topics.

Using PerfectIt to check consistency of English-language texts
PerfectIt is easy to use, so this session will get you comfortable with all the basics: checking consistency of hyphenation, spelling, capitalisation, abbreviations, and more. Daniel will take questions as the session progresses, and by the end you’ll be a comfortable PerfectIt user who is ready to benefit from PerfectIt’s core functions.

Setting up style sheets with PerfectIt
This session will explain how you can use PerfectIt’s advanced functionality to check documents faster and better: checking your preferences, setting up a different style sheet for each of your clients, and enforcing a house style. We want to take advantage of having Daniel in town, so we offer these advanced topics even to new users. It will show you what PerfectIt can do, and there will be some hands-on exercises to help familiarise you with all the advanced concepts.

Super-advanced session: Fine-tuning PerfectIt style sheets (for experienced users only) (16:00 - 17:00)

The super-advanced session is only open to people who also join the main session. This is where we dive into the heart of PerfectIt, so it’s best if you have some experience working with PerfectIt at home as well. Strap your seatbelts on: this session is going to show you how to get the very most out of PerfectIt. This session will look in-depth at PerfectIt’s style sheet editor and show you how you can set it to ensure style sheet checking is the very best it can be.


eS37 5 1Daniel Heuman PerfectItDaniel Heuman is the CEO and founder of Intelligent Editing, and the developer of PerfectIt. Daniel’s background is in economics, and he designed the original version of PerfectIt for consultants. Since then, PerfectIt found a loyal and growing audience among professional editors and translators, with more than 400 members of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders using PerfectIt. Daniel lives in New York where he continues to develop PerfectIt. He released PerfectIt 3.0 in May of this year.