13 January 2016: Utrecht SIG meeting

Topic: Comparing translations

Date: Wednesday, 13 January 2016
Time: 20:00
Location: Park Plaza Hotel, Utrecht (a short walk from Utrecht Central Station)
Contact: Anne Hodgkinson, SIG Convener

The next meeting of the Utrecht translation group will be on the evening of Wednesday 13 January, at the Park Plaza Hotel in Utrecht, a very short walk from Utrecht Centraal Station (but allow time for getting through the construction!). We'll start at 20.00. All SENSE members are welcome, and so are prospective members. There's no cost, and you're welcome to unlimited coffee/tea on the 7th floor where the meeting rooms are (although we pay for any drinks afterwards in the bar).

We have a text to work on, from a book called 'Het zal je God maar wezen. Atheisme verklaard voor Henk en Ingrid, Achmed en Fatima'. Written by the spouse of one of our regulars, it had some success as a print-on-demand book before the publisher had it translated into English. There's more story here, but for now suffice it to say we'll look at our own translations of a small section and compare them with the version approved by the publisher. 

Please let me know by Sunday evening (10 Jan) if you're planning to come, and I'll send you the text. We need a fairly accurate count to make sure we have the right size room reserved, so please don't assume I know you're coming.

Hope to see many of you the 13th!

Anne Hodgkinson, Convener