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Yoga at your desk

In this half-hour session, you’ll acquire some yoga-based tools to help you get through the work day in better shape, and maybe relax outside working hours too! We’ll do some simple exercises that help relieve tension as well as stretch, strengthen and restore circulation, and that take an office environment into account. Some exercises may even involve your desk, chair or a nearby wall.

Time: 15:30–16:00
Room: 1

Click here to register for the 2023 PDD. Click here for the full programme.

About the presenter

Anne Hodgkinson

Anne Hodgkinson has been translating and editing for over twenty years. She discovered yoga in middle age and was so impressed by its benefits on body and mind that she was inspired to take up teaching it. She finds it an ideal complement to her solitary and sedentary work at the coalface. In 2012 she got her teaching certificate in vinyasa yoga, and in 2019 in Iyengar yoga.

Website: www.rosettastonetranslations.nl
Blog: www.bootsandbowtie.com