Peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing – Martina Abagnale, Anne Oosthuizen, and Danielle Carter

Martina, Danielle and Anne met at the 2020 SENSE Jubilee Conference. Though initially brought together by recognising one another as fellow starters within the language industry, the three soon realised they struggled with quite different, but related things and could easily help each other out. They found that the advice from a peer is often more current and free from judgement, because this person has recently undergone a similar experience. Thus, they stumbled upon something the modern language industry is currently in the process of waking up to: horizontal (as opposed to expert-driven) knowledge sharing. It is this peer-to-peer learning that they brought to SENSE by establishing the Starters SIG, and also what informed every decision made in the planning of this year’s PDD. During this plenary, Martina, Danielle and Anne will share their experiences with collaborative, horizontal group learning.

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About the presenters

 Martina Abagnale

Martina Abagnale is an English and Dutch into Italian translator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After starting her career as a project manager at a translation agency, she became a freelance translator in 2019. She specializes in legal and financial texts,helping companies prepare their documents for legal use in Italy. She regularly organizes (virtual) events for beginner translators.

 Anne Oosthuizen

Anne Oosthuizen is a Dutch-English translator and editor. She completed her BA English Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Otago in New Zealand, and graduated with honours from Leiden University, earning her an MA in Translation Studies. Anne has been a freelance book translator and academic editor for just over two years. This year, she was one of the lucky few awarded a grant for special-interest sample translation by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. In addition to translating literary and non-fiction prose, Anne’s super special nice is poetry and song translation.

 Danielle Carter

Danielle Carter is an academic copy editor and museum language services specialist. After working for several years in the arts and cultural sector, Danielle transitioned in the language industry, where she has found a niche copy editing academic books ranging from film studies to architecture to fashion, writing and editing coffee table books about arts and media, and revising translations and copy editing for cultural organizations.