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An ergonomic desk: keep fit while you work

We sit at our desks almost 24/7. Experts say ‘sitting is the new smoking’ and ‘poor posture is the most common cause of RSI’.

A few years ago, Jenny discovered the standing desk, and she’s not suffered from RSI since. She’ll explain her office set up and how she keeps fit while working.

Time: 15:30–16:00
Room: 2

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About the presenter

Jenny Zonneveld

Jenny Zonneveld is a native speaker of English and a professional translator, copywriter and revisor with more than 25 years’ experience with multinational businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium. Before becoming a full-time language professional, Jenny spent more than 17 years at a firm of management consultants, working in the UK, US, Belgium and the Netherlands. She specialized in implementing IT projects and logistics. Jenny moved to the Netherlands about 35 years ago and considers herself bilingual.

Website: www.translatext.nl
LinkedIn: jennyzonneveld
Twitter: Translatext_


Music interpretation in sign language

In recent years, there have been more developments concerning accessibility and inclusion. Society is changing, and there is increasing consideration for how all people can be part of the experience of a concert or a festival. From the Deaf community, we see a growing group of people, particularly those who are suddenly deaf, late-deaf, or hard of hearing, who want to use a sign language interpreter for music. In recent years, it has become evident that more music venues, festivals, and bands are open to this, but the process still often encounters difficulties.

We are trained as Dutch sign language interpreters. In addition to interpreting regular assignments, we often interpret within the cultural sector. We are frequently engaged at music festivals and concerts. As music interpreters, we do not only translate the lyrics but we also convey the music and atmosphere.

Topics that will be dealt with at this presentation include:

  • Visual language
  • Video: Interpreting music at a festival
  • Translation and simultaneous interpreting
  • Different modalities
  • Combining music and text
  • Applying creativity

Time: 14:30–15:00
Room: 2

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About the presenters

Hanneke de Raaff (left) has been active as a music interpreter since 2010, and Mirjam Stolk (right) since 2005. Both of us have a passion for music. Mirjam played percussion in an orchestra for many years, while Hanneke used to dance. In 2015, we started collaborating actively. We complement each other well during the various assignments we undertake. Of course, we also work with other colleagues in the field. Many of these assignments take place in public settings, but they can also be intimate settings, such as a wedding or something sombre like a funeral. From pumping danceable music to music that brings tears, everything is possible.

Website: www.muziektolken.nl
Website (Mirjam): mirjamstolkngt.nl
LinkedIn (Hanneke):
LinkedIn (Mirjam):

     Mirjam Stolk


Game localization

Get ready for a fun presentation on game localization! We’ll explore the art of translating for video games and mobile apps, sharing personal experiences and captivating stories. Discover the distinct challenges and differences that set video game localization apart from other forms of translation work. By the end, you’ll know whether video game translation is your calling. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to uncover the secrets of game localization!

Time: 14:30–15:00
Room: 1

Click here to register for the 2023 PDD. Click here for the full programme.

About the presenter

Melchior Philips

Melchior Philips is an experienced game localization specialist with a passion for delivering top-quality translations in entertainment. With five years of expertise in the field, Melchior has worked with industry leaders, including renowned console and mobile game developers. Beyond the realm of gaming, Melchior also lends his expertise to subtitling documentaries, further showcasing his commitment to working with creatives in delivering exceptional localization solutions.

Website: melch.io/r/
LinkedIn: melchiorphilips


Write to reconnect

The act of writing requires us to make all kinds of connections. We need to connect ideas and thoughts to words and sentences. We need to connect our hands and senses to paper and pens, keyboards, screens and mice (mouses? both sound silly!). At this time of global disconnection, this workshop will empower you with some simple ways to reconnect. By diversifying your relationships to both people and things, not only will you energise your writing, but you will also energize yourself and the people around you.

Requirement: please bring to the workshop something to write with, as well as something from nature that you have found and selected yourself. Examples: a pebble, a twig, a leaf, a seashell (and as much as ‘living things’ would be welcome, unfortunately the workshop venue has a strict ‘No trumpeting elephants or squawking parrots’ policy).

Time: 9:45–11:00
Room: 1

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About the presenter

Matthew Curlewis

Since growing up in Australia, Matthew Curlewis has worked as a performer-designer-writer on four continents. As a trained workshop leader in the Amherst Writers & Artists methodology, he is the founder and director of Amsterdam Writers. Since 2008, this workshop series has welcomed international writers into workshops like Storytelling for Academics and Writers’ Stretch & Tone. Matthew’s essays and short fiction can be found in publications including The Guardian, Blume Illustrated and Wordpeace, and his Dutch-British-Polish co-production short film Brilliance can be viewed here. A video was made of Matthew’s poem Alter the Frequency, recently published by Blue Pepper, here.

Website: amsterdamwriters.com
LinkedIn: matthewcurlewis


Yoga at your desk

In this half-hour session, you’ll acquire some yoga-based tools to help you get through the work day in better shape, and maybe relax outside working hours too! We’ll do some simple exercises that help relieve tension as well as stretch, strengthen and restore circulation, and that take an office environment into account. Some exercises may even involve your desk, chair or a nearby wall.

Time: 15:30–16:00
Room: 1

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About the presenter

Anne Hodgkinson

Anne Hodgkinson has been translating and editing for over twenty years. She discovered yoga in middle age and was so impressed by its benefits on body and mind that she was inspired to take up teaching it. She finds it an ideal complement to her solitary and sedentary work at the coalface. In 2012 she got her teaching certificate in vinyasa yoga, and in 2019 in Iyengar yoga.

Website: www.rosettastonetranslations.nl
Blog: www.bootsandbowtie.com


Editing slam

In this workshop, Nandini Bedi and Danielle N. Carter will discuss various aspects of the editing workflow. Participants will work together to edit a short humanities-based text, and then we’ll discuss the edits together, different decisions editors can make, different approaches to issues of style and grammar, and the editorial workflow (e.g. tools to use, style sheets, communication with clients).

For beginners, this behind-the-scenes look at how editors approach a text is a good way to become more familiar with editorial workflow and decision-making; for more experienced editors, we can share our expertise and different approaches and learn from one another, because no two editors work in the same way.

Time: 9:45–11:00
Room: 2

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About the presenters

Danielle N. Carter is a copyeditor and proofreader specialized in art, culture, and museums. After studying and working in museums, Danielle now focuses on grammar, clarity, and consistency in texts for arts and cultural organizations and publishers. Based in Arnhem, Danielle enjoys playing tennis, hiking in the forest, and cooking and baking in her free time.

Website: daniellencarter.com
LinkedIn: daniellencrtr

Danielle N. Carter

​​Nandini Bedi teaches English, copyedits academic texts on the humanities, and shares what stayed with her about the books she’s read in her newsletter ‘world of words’. She lives in Oegstgeest with her partner, flown out of the nest but visiting twin boys, and live-in cat Sher Khan.

Website: nandinibedi.com
LinkedIn: nandinibedi

Nandini Bedi


How to write great copy

This short talk will start with a quick brainstorming session to answer the question: what is good copy?

The funny thing is – you already know. The hard part is doing it yourself. Well...actually…not so hard.

We’ll run through proven and easy to use tips and techniques to make sure your writing is what you want it to be. And more importantly, what your clients need it to be.

Time: 13:45–14:30
Room: 1

Click here to register for the 2023 PDD. Click here for the full programme.

About the presenter

Stephen Johnston

Long-time SENSE member Stephen Johnston is an experienced business copywriter and trainer. He created and previously ran the SENSE Copywriting SIG, and now runs the SENSE Training SIG. He’s originally Canadian (eh?) but hates maple syrup and ice hockey. If you ask, he’ll tell you why.

Website: www.scribesolutions.nl
LinkedIn: stephen-johnston-6259354



Finding transcreation clients is no easy task, and once you’ve finally found a few, you have to keep them satisfied or they’ll turn into one-day flies. I’ve been knee-deep in the transcreation industry for close to a decade now, and during that time I’ve learnt a thing or two about how to find and keep transcreation clients. In this talk, I’ll share with you my tried-and-tested methods to find transcreation clients and keep them coming back to you.

Time: 13:45–14:30
Room: 2

Click here to register for the 2023 PDD. Click here for the full programme.

About the presenter

Branco van der Werf

Branco van der Werf isn’t afraid to get creative – he knows how to write fluid, engaging Dutch that will reel in your ideal customers. An award-winning translator and total language geek, he’s also an English teacher and gives talks on translation, sharing his passion with the world.

Website: werf-straalen.nl
LinkedIn: brancovanderwerf

Grammar and punctuation refresher

Confused by the comma? Stumped by the semicolon? Anxious about the apostrophe? This workshop is just the thing to give you’re your grammar a boost! Come and join us for a grammar refresher.

Time: 11:30–12:45
Room: 2

Click here to register for the 2023 PDD. Click here for the full programme.

About the presenter

Claire Niven

Claire Niven is a native English copy editor and translator based in Utrecht. Originally from the UK, she has worked in the media industry for 20 years in music publishing, music rights and brand licensing. Claire has a BA (Hons) degree in Linguistics, specialising in semantics, and CMMP proofreading and copy editing qualification.

Website: www.echt-english.nl
LinkedIn: echt-english


The balancing game: a practical crash course on poetry and song translation

Are you interested in branching out into the exciting yet elusive world of poetry translation? Or are you simply curious what the hype is all about? In this workshop, Anne Oosthuizen will introduce five crucial aspects to poetry and song translation. With these five aspects, you'll find that translating such texts is not unlike undertaking a pentathlon: focus too much on one, and it will be very difficult to achieve a great result overall.

Using practical examples, we will discuss the purpose and target audience of a few texts. Subsequently, we will set our aims and formulate a translation strategy that will help to maintain a balance between the five aspects. The meat of the workshop will involve group brainstorms, flash translations and feedback sessions.

As is true for almost all branches of our craft: there is never one perfect translation. Rather, what's more important is whether your target text meets the aims formulated a priori. To this end, we will mainly focus on developing the skills you'll need to create a translation that fits your (or your future clients') purposes.

After this workshop, you will have learnt to:

  1. analyse a poem or lyric using five crucial aspects,
  2. formulate a purpose, target audience and subsequent translation strategy and
  3. apply your strategy to a translation that sees five aspects in (near-)perfect balance.

Time: 11:30–12:45
Room: 1

Click here to register for the 2023 PDD. Click here for the full programme.

About the presenter

Anne Oosthuizen

Anne Oosthuizen is a creative translator and editor working in English and Dutch. She is also a writing and language coach. Anne completed her BA English Language and Culture in Amsterdam and New Zealand, and graduated cum laude from Leiden University with an MA in Translation Studies.

Besides translating marketing texts and books, Anne's super-special niche within the cultural sector is translating poetry and music-linked texts. In her MA thesis, she explored the multifaceted task of song translation for animated film. Anne has translated several books of poetry, and her translations featured at various poetry festivals such as Dichters van de Prinsentuin and Poetry International. In her spare time, she enjoys singing and reading, and likes to play around with satirical adaptations of well-known pop songs.

Website: www.tott-translation.vpweb.nl
LinkedIn: anne-oosthuizen-tott92016
Facebook: TotTtranslations


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