Finding transcreation clients is no easy task, and once you’ve finally found a few, you have to keep them satisfied or they’ll turn into one-day flies. I’ve been knee-deep in the transcreation industry for close to a decade now, and during that time I’ve learnt a thing or two about how to find and keep transcreation clients. In this talk, I’ll share with you my tried-and-tested methods to find transcreation clients and keep them coming back to you.

Time: 13:45–14:30
Room: 2

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About the presenter

Branco van der Werf

Branco van der Werf isn’t afraid to get creative – he knows how to write fluid, engaging Dutch that will reel in your ideal customers. An award-winning translator and total language geek, he’s also an English teacher and gives talks on translation, sharing his passion with the world.

LinkedIn: brancovanderwerf