Spanish wine and translation: What could they possibly have in common? – Rebecca Reddin

Upon diving deeper into Spanish wine, what every biologist and humanist knows became crystal-clear to one linguist: we share a lot more than we think. Rebecca reflects on the very relatable lessons the Spanish wine industry has to offer translators and editors everywhere about process, product, identity, value and purpose. This is a chance not only to peek behind the curtain of a prestigious, delectable industry, but to start imagining: what could your clients teach you?

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About the presenter

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Rebecca Reddin has been a freelance translator, editor and subtitler working from Spanish into English since 2017. She believes the world is full of rich, eloquent, enlightening ideas and projects, and not just in the English-speaking sphere. As she specializes in the complex world of wine and scales the learning curve of business, Rebecca aims to promote her adopted home of La Rioja, Spain. She also wants reflect the ingenuity and insight of the Spanish voices around her in words that make the United-States-ian world stop and listen.

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