Recognizing and working with inductive/deductive communication styles – Nandini Bedi

Have you been in a situation where you asked your client or business partner or supplier a closed question for which you expected a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, but what you got in reply was a story? Many more words than you had counted on, and they weren’t answering your question. You could have felt like the speaker was taking you for a ride, or maybe you were confused and didn’t quite know what you should do or say to take the exchange to a fruitful end. In this presentation, I will introduce you to two different styles of communication and show how these are embedded in culture. I will also give you tips on how to recognize these styles and how to work with the one most unfamiliar to you.

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About the presenter

 Nadini Bedi

Nandini Bedi teaches English, copyedits, gives intercultural trainings and posts on her blog Via her trainings, she builds a bridge between the Netherlands and India. She does this with reverence and humour. She has settled in Oegstgeest with her partner, flown-out-of-the-nest-but-visiting twin boys and live-in cat, Sher Khan. More about her is available on

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