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If you want to have a text written, edited or translated, the freelancer will probably ask you these questions:

  • How long is the text (total number of words, not pages) and what needs to be done with it?

  • What is the purpose of the text (for publication, oral presentation, marketing, etc.) and who is your intended audience (English native speakers, an international audience, specialists, etc.)?

  • How and when will you send me the text, and what is the deadline (turnaround time?

  • Are there any other considerations (holiday plans, printing schedule, etc.)?

  • Can you send me a sample of the text (an experienced editor or translator will often estimate the cost of a job only after seeing a representative sample)?

  • How and when will we interact to clear up any problems and/or questions?


To select the language professional best suited to your needs, we advise you to consider several criteria – and not just cost. Ask the freelancers on your shortlist the following questions; their answers may help guide your final choice:

  • Which types of text do you usually work with (commercial, academic, literary, etc.)?

  • What is your experience as an editor/translator/writer/teacher (formal credentials, certification)?

  • Are you familiar with the subject in question? What makes you qualified to deal with the material?

  • Can you supply the variant of English (British, American, Australian, Canadian, etc.) I require for my text? Are you a native speaker of this variant of English?

  • How soon are you available to work on my text, and when could I expect to have it back?

  • Can you use the software required (MS Word, PowerPoint, HTML, LaTeX, Trados, etc.)?

  • Do you have a word rate, an hourly rate, a day rate or a project rate?



No mediation

All negotiations are between the client and the SENSE member. The Society is not responsible for the outcome of such negotiations and will not mediate in the event of disagreement, nor can the Society be held accountable for the quality of the work produced by its members.