Data Privacy & Security

They’re out there, they know all about you and they're selling your life! The truth about data privacy and security

Following his successful presentation for SENSE in December 2014, Freek will put forward an accessible and possibly controversial view on the current state of data privacy and data security and what this means for you and your clients. He will explain that some apps do a lot more than you think (and not necessarily to your benefit) and how you may be compromising your privacy (and possibly more) for a degree of convenience. Freek will tell the story of how the data industry and governments are using exponential technologies to find out all they can about you and influence everything you do.

Data privacy: What the data industry is learning about your life and how it is using and selling this information.

Data security: We know they are out there. What can we do?

Future developments: Exponential technologies and the software-driven world mean that we will all have to be alert to potential pitfalls.


About the facilitator

Technologist, futurist and serial entrepreneur, Freek Wallaart is owner of Sophios Exponential Technologies, Mindcraft Engineering and iVault Data Services. 

He got his master’s degree in aerospace engineering or ‘rocket science’ at Delft University then decided that space technology was progressing too slowly for him and moved into computing and software development.

Some years ago, he realised that we are entering an era where exponential growth of fast and cheap computing power drives ever faster development and convergence of  disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, networked sensors, robotics, 3D printing, synthetic biology, neuro sciences and nano materials sciences, all leading to a future where everything will be networked and programmable, where "software is eating the world" as we know it and where opportunities are virtually boundless, be it for good or bad.

His current (and past) favourite occupation is to make sense of, and contribute to, the unimaginable technology driven future that awaits us, and, in the process, hopefully, help others do the same.

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