Building your business through your network

Building your business through your network

While it doesn’t come naturally to all, it really is worthwhile: I have recently discovered that most of my work comes in from word of mouth, both from my personal and professional networks. During a recent meeting of the Eastern Special Interest Group (SIG), I discussed this with 3 other SIG members. We tried to assess the degree to which our work comes in through word of mouth and to put a name to those mouths.  In other words, which categories of our professional and personal networks work best in bringing our services to our clients’ attention?

To take this a step further I will be asking SENSE freelancers to complete a short survey about how their work comes in. The results of this survey will be presented during my short conference session.

About the facilitator

I am a British biologist and I edit scientific manuscripts and teach scientific writing. I also translate from Dutch into English and do the odd bit of writing.

I started off my career in science: back in 1990 I started a Biochemistry & Physiology degree at Sheffield University. However, during my year off before university I’d met a Dutchman and only a few months into my degree, I left Sheffield and moved to the Netherlands.

I then started a biology degree at Nijmegen University. I have been here ever since (apart from a 5-year stint in Athens, Greece, but that’s another story…) and now live in Zwolle, with my husband and 2 children.

I followed a somewhat meandering career before finding my true calling though. After completing my masters and spending 5 years in a molecular genetics lab, I realised I didn’t want to be a researcher after all and turned my hand to teaching: I taught biology at secondary schools in both Dutch and English. But after 10 years, I decided that teaching wasn’t for me either and took the plunge to give up the day job and start out as a freelance translator and editor in 2008.