Prompt! Investing in creativity... – Lizzie Kean and Carola Janssen

What gives you energy? And how do you earn a living doing that? These questions drove the professional careers of translator Lizzie Kean and writing coach Carola Janssen along different paths to come out at Prompt! Writing inspiration for language professionals. And they’re happy to share that same inspiration with you in this talk.

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About the presenters

 Lizzie Kean

Lizzie Kean was a professional musician from the age of 18. Although she still is, there came a point when she felt the need for a new challenge and she studied translation at ITV, gaining her bachelor’s degree at age 60. She now divides her time between the two, enjoying the synergy and the energy she gets from the combination.

 Carola Janssen

Carola Janssen is writing coach and text writer at Kiezel Communicatie. She devised Prompt! Writing inspiration for language professionals. Kiezel is originally a Rotterdam agency that now operates from Eindhoven. In a previous life, Carola was a musician and her friendship with Lizzie Kean, with whom she is taking this new step, started up in that world.