Jubilee 2020 Online Workshop Programme

Please note that programme elements may be subject to change.

2020 Jubilee workshops

Date Topic Fee Register link
Week 38
17 September 2020
Chris Baylis
The thinking behind the words
1 unit Click here to register
Week 39–44
22 September to 27 October 2020
Matthew Curlewis 
Writers' Stretch & Tone
A six-week workshop cycle
6 units Click here to register
Week 45
5 November 2020
John Linnegar
Applying plain language principles to creating accessible, reader-friendly texts
1 unit Click here to register
Week 46
12 November 2020 
An online panel discussion about agility and risk-taking in pandemic times
Hosted by Matthew Curlewis
free Click here to register
Week 47
18 November 2020
Joy Burrough-Boenisch
Dealing with language interference in texts
1 unit Click here to register
Week 48 & Week 49
26 November & 3 December 2020

Brian Mossop
Best practice for revising translations
A two-part workshop

2 units Click here to register
Week 50
10 December 2020
Oliver Lawrence 
The sweet sound of writing finesse
1 unit Click here to register

Workshop fees

  Fee per unit
 SENSE members   € 30.00
 Members of sister societies* € 45.00
 Non-members € 60.00

Members and non-members pay different fees to attend the online conference and workshops (membership costs only € 80 per year).  

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Please note that programme elements may be subject to change.

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SENSE 2020 Conference Programme

Sponsored by PerfectIt

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Please note that programme elements may be subject to change.

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Workshop programme

May 16
May 23
6 June
June 11
15 June
19 June
26 June
Paul Beverley:

Macros for writers, editors and translators

Alexander Drechsel: 
An iPad (and tablet) workout for language professionals

Sue Leschen:
Terms and conditions for freelancers

Ann Bless:
Ever thought of running a course on scientific writing?

Jennifer de Beyer:
Using reporting guidelines for biomedical research

Jenny Zonneveld:
MS Word skills for translators and editors

John Linnegar:
Getting to grips with connectors in English texts

Wednesday 3 June 2020
Conference programme day 1

12:45–13:00 Welcome and opening annoucements
13:00–13:30 Joy Burrough
Be(a)ware of (round) brackets (especially ‘Dutch’ ones)!
13:40–14:10 Tony Parr 
“I just moved on.” – Museum translations
14:20–15:20 Emma Hartkamp
Future competence profiles of EU translators
15:20–16:00 Networking break
16:00–17:00 Brian Mossop
How much time does quality require?
17:10–17:40 Jennifer de Beyer
Making reporting guidelines more useful in biomedical science and beyond
19:00–?? Networking time

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Thursday 4 June 2020
Conference programme day 2

12:45–13:00 Welcome etc.
13:00–13:30 Sally Hill
Using your network to branch out into new areas
13:40–14:10 Nigel Saych
Fair Trade Translation in an unfair world
14:20–14:50 Tiina Kinunnen
From whining to shining
14:50–15:20 Networking break
15:20–15:50 Wendy Baldwin
Honing skills through near-peer exchange
16:00–16:20 Marieke Krijnen
Editing in the era of digital nomadism: How I look after my mental and physical health
16:30–17:50 Panel discussion
Setting up shop: newcomer perspectives on the translation industry
18:00–19:00 ‘Setting up shop’ networking
19:00–??? Networking time

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Friday 5 June 2020
Conference programme day 3

13:00–13:15 Welcome etc.
13:15–14:00 Joy Burrough-Boenisch
Language interference: Forewarned is forearmed 
14:10–14:40 David Barick
Writing effective comparisons in scientific articles
14:40–15:20 Networking break
15:20–16:40 Ashley Cowles et al
Panel: Maintaining productivity as your family grows 
16:50–17:30 John Linnegar
The plain truth: Applying Plain English principles to improving texts
17:30–17:40 Closing announcements
20:00-??  Pub quiz & networking

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N.B. Programme subject to changes.

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2018 Conference Deb Bosch
Photo by Michael Hartwigsen

There is no shortage of conference accommodation in the Netherlands, so choosing one just requires a map of the country and a pin, right? Wrong, especially if it’s for the SENSE biennial conference…

Two years ago, I was asked to recommend a location for the 2018 conference. It was quite a challenge, but eventually the decision went in favour of ’s-Hertogenbosch – not because it was a city nobody could spell, but because it offered the right combination of facilities that discerning SENSE members expected.

So what is the ideal location for our conference? In short, there isn’t one, as everyone has his or her preferences. Some of us want a city location with good public transport connections, others want a monastery in the middle of nowhere with free parking, no distractions, and waking up to bird song. As we are becoming a more international event, simply choosing a place that is accessible by train, bus or bike is not enough.

Starting last January (yes, January 2019!), I longlisted almost fifty locations that, in my experience with other conferences, would be suitable. These included several locations suggested by other SENSE members. I shortlisted this to twelve. Of those twelve, five did not have availability, offered a ridiculously high rate or simply failed to respond. Finally it came down to a straight contest: Rotterdam or Maastricht. My personal recommendation was for Maastricht, partly because they had come in second place in 2018, and were very, very keen to have us this time.

During the summer, several of the conference committee members visited the location, viewed the facilities and spoke to the staff. In the end, Maastricht won, but as a consolation prize Rotterdam got the Eurovision Song Contest!

Price is not the only issue, though of course this is a major consideration. Flexibility is most important. I had to explain to all the potential locations that if I was organizing a conference for a major national/international/multinational company, I could tell them immediately how much accommodation we would need, safe in the knowledge that the organizers would pick up the tab. It’s quite unusual for conference locations to understand that we are all freelancers, we pay our own expenses, and because the event is not during ‘office time’ (in other words, in our own time), SENSE cannot guarantee attendance numbers a year in advance.

Another important consideration was that the location should not charge more for two half days than they would for one full day. That’s a bit of a cheek, as it’s unlikely that they would be able to sell the conference facilities on the Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon, so in true Dutch tradition, it’s a case of ‘twee halen, één betalen’!* My shortlist was limited to locations that were prepared to meet us on this point, and most of them were.

I hope I have found the right location for the 2020 conference. If I have, you may congratulate me in June; if not, it’s the committee’s fault! The planning of the speakers, the programme, the workshops and the other activities is going ahead at full steam. My job is complete, but I’m already looking discretely at locations for 2022 – just in case the committee asks me again!

Maastricht Marketing/Jonathan Vos

This is where we well be holding the pre-conference workshops and the conference itself: at the four star Amrâth Grand Hotel de l'Empereur in Maastricht. Conference delegates will be able to book a room at the special conference rate once registration for the conference itself opens. 

For more information about the conference hotel, see the hotel's website.

Check this page for full details of the conference, location and programme!

© Image by Maastricht Marketing/Jonathan Vos. All rights reserved.

* for non-Dutch speakers, this is the equivalent of ‘Buy one, get one free’.

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